I like to volunteer in Hamburg

A voluntary service in the field of culture and education means:You help in a cultural, political institution or a school for at least half a year.The cultural institution might be a cultural centre, a theatre or a museum.The educational institution might be a school, a library or an NGO. 

In the framework of a voluntary service you can:

  • become part of a team with other people,
  • do tasks you like to do,
  • familiarize yourself with the working routines of different kinds of professions,
  • try out which professional tasks and activities fit best for you,
  • plan and realize your own projects and events,
  • find out which professional training or area of study you would like to choose.
  • you get a monthly allowance. Social security and health insurance are paid by the organisation where you work.
  • you take part in days of education and you meet other volunteers
  • we accompany and support you during the voluntary service. You can contact us at any time.
  • thanks to the work in a German-speaking environment, you will improve your German and increase your chances on the job market.

Are you interested? Get in touch with us!


  • you are at least 23 years old
  • you have a place to live in Hamburg or you can find one before the beginning of your voluntary service. Our institutions cannot provide accomodation.
  • you have basic skills of the german language
  • you are allowed to be in Germany during your voluntary service. You will maybe either need a visa or a residence permit. That depends on your country of origin.